Get to know Ivo Lopes, one of our NEXX Riders who has given a lot to talk at the beginning of the FIM CEV 2018!

At the age of 21, Ivo already has an extensive career as a Speed Racer, both in Portugal, where he won several Champion titles and internationally, as a result of the Red Bull Rookies Cup, where he lined up for two consecutive years. He currently competes in the Spanish Championship, with some of the best riders in the world.



The passion for motorcycles began very early: at age 5, Ivo had his first contact with a small Yamaha YZ 80 which triggered a passion that would never cease.

After three years, in 2004 he began his journey in the world of competition, in the MetraKIT class 70cc, with a big dream – one day to become world champion. After two years he won his first title by becoming Portuguese Champion MiniGP pro 70 and started his international adventure by participating in the Madrid Championship in the same category.

Curiosities: From very young the number # 75 accompanies him, in homage to the old MotoGP pilot Mattia Pasini, who sponsored him at age of nine. Apart from the bikes, Ivo also has a special affection for horses and is the horse riding that he spends much of his free time.


From that moment comes the natural progression of those who are predestined to achieve great deeds; in 2007 he was awarded again Portuguese Champion MiniGP pro 70cc and Madrid Champion MiniGP pro 70cc.

During its evolution, when changing of category, the podiums become a habit and in 2008 and 2009 it becomes Portugal Vice-champion 85GP, with some participation in the Mediterranean Championship in the middle.

In 2011 and 2012 the big stages appear, with the entry in the prestigious competition Red Bull Rookies Cup – Ivo joins thus to the exclusive lot of the young promises of the two wheels; a 3rd place in Jerez and a 2nd place in Assen catapulted Ivo to the mouths of the world, winning in the two seasons very disparate results that kept him away from the top places, however, always keeping him in the TOP 10.
This competition was a great teaching and still defines today, its way of competing, very aggressive, always in the limit.


“There are not many Portuguese riders to thrive in Speed Championships, perhaps due to the lack of support and investment in this area at international level. At the moment i can only highlight some names like Miguel Oliveira, Tomás Alonso and Kiko Maria, who are currently in competitions outside Portugal.”

After two years of interregnum, the return to the national stages was a success, becoming National Vice-Champion of Superstock 600 in 2015, to return to conquer the highest place of the podium in Portugal in the following year and in Europe, by becoming National and European Champion of Superstock 600.

Last year, Ivo took part in one of the most competitive speed championships, the RFME Spanish Speed Championship in the Superstock 600 category, finishing in 6th position. Already in the national stages, Ivo returned to became national champion.


“RFME CEV is an extremely competitive championship. In the Superstock 600 class, although motorbikes are limited by regulations, there is a lot of freedom in relation to brands (tires, oils, suits, helmets, exhausts, etc.) This in addition of being a pilot war is also a war of brands and teams that always seek victories and be the best.”

The 2018 season couldn´t have started better, with a home win, in the first FIM CEV race at Estoril, by winning the European Moto2 race. The most impressive in this victory was the fact that it was running with a stock bike against more powerful bikes.

Never before a Superstock 600 won a Moto2 race – Ivo Lopes, surprised and destroyed the competition of FIM CEV leading the 18 laps of the first race and beating the Moto2 riders with a advantage of almost … 6 seconds!

“I was at home and knew i had that advantage, since Estoril is a very technical and difficult circuit where i could win. It is the result of my work, the whole team and is a very special victory since it never happened, stayed for history.”

Remarkable moments:

– Entry into RedBull
– European Champion Title 2016
– Titles of National Champion
– First podium in the Spanish Championship in Superstock 600
– Victory in Moto 2 (with a Superstock 600)

The titles:

– 2006 Portuguese Champion MiniGP pro 70 (Metrakit)
– 2007 Portuguese Champion MiniGP pro 70 (Metrakit) / Champion Madrid MiniGP pro 70 (Metrakit)
– 2008 Vice Champion Portugal 85GP
– 2009 Vice Champion Portugal 85GP
– 2015 Vice National Champion of Superstock 600
– 2016 National Champion of Superstock 600 / European Champion of Superstock 600
– 2017 National Champion of Superstock 600


Ivo Lopes - In Action
Ivo Lopes (POR) Preparing for the coming Red Bull Rppkies Cup Season in Estoril, Portugal on March 14th 2011