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The helmet must be handled with care and love 🙂

Never drop the helmet. Dropping it can damage the paintwork, in addition to reducing its protective characteristics (THIS IS NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY!);

Neon colors fade when subjected to prolonged exposure to UV rays (THIS IS NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY!);

Light colored helmets, as well as matte finish helmets, require extra care as they are naturally more exposed to dust, or other types of impurities. Keep your Mate helmet stored, with aeration. Humidity and high temperatures can damage this finish (THIS IS NOT COVERED BY THE WARRANTY!);

Do not expose the helmet to any type of liquid solvent;

Store the helmet in a safe place (do not hang the helmet on the motorcycle mirror or other support, which could damage the lining);

Do not carry the helmet on the motorcycle or on your arm while driving;

Never expose your helmet to harmful chemicals or high temperatures;

Do not expose your helmet to environments with excessive humidity or ultraviolet rays;

Do not immerse your helmet in water.



You must clean your helmet!

In order for your beloved helmet to always look its best, it must always be clean, inside and out!

Over time, by not doing this cleaning and maintenance, it can cause irreversible problems with your helmet;

Should avoid the bad habits mentioned above;

Always wear the helmet in the proper position, using the buckle (strap) to adjust it to your head;

We recommend that the mechanisms and rubber parts that surround the visor are periodically lubricated with silicone oil;

You can apply this oil with a small brush or a cotton swab;

Apply sparingly and wipe off excess with a clean, dry cloth. This proper care will maintain the softness of the rubber seal, and will dramatically increase the durability of the display clamping mechanism;

Your helmet must always be in a cool, moisture free environment!



To clean the helmet shell, you can use water with a mild soap, or you can use specific cleaning products for this purpose. Use a soft cloth, and never rub the helmet with too much pressure;

Using soap and water is usually sufficient. When using other cleaning materials, make sure they do not come into contact with the visor, as they can cause damage;

Note: Never use fuel, thinners or solvents to clean the helmet. These substances can cause serious damage to the helmet, and cause your safety to be compromised.



Check strap functionality at regular intervals;

Note: the strap cannot be changed/modified!

Do not apply oil or grease to the metal components on the strap;

Repair, if possible, can only be carried out by NEXX Helmets.


Use a soft cloth and mild soap solution (<20°C) to remove dirt from the outside of the visor as well as the sunglasses. To dry both, use a lint-free cloth and apply light pressure;

Do not use any cleaning product. Never, under any circumstances, clean the visor and sunglasses with gasoline, solvent, window cleaner or other cleaning products that contain alcohol;

Note: The visor should not be immersed in water, even if it is very dirty on the outside, as this will drastically reduce the surface hardness and therefore the durability of the anti-fog/scratch-resistant coating;

Advise: We advise that you do not completely close the visor when you are not wearing your helmet (especially during storage periods), as the moisture contained inside the helmet has no way out, and will be largely absorbed by the anti-fog coating / anti-scratch. This can lead to a reduction in the life of the visor coating. Ideally, position the visor slightly raised;

Always avoid temperatures above 40°C and high humidity when choosing a place to store your visor (or helmet) as this may damage the visor covering;

Note: Never stick stickers, tape or stickers on your visor or sunglasses;

Tip: If the visor has a lot of persistent dirt (earth, insects, etc), it will be easier to remove this dirt if you cover the closed visor with a damp cloth for a while to soften the residue.
You can repeat the process if you wish.


The anti-fog lens should only be cleaned with a soft cloth, which can be slightly dampened if necessary (we recommend a microfiber cloth). Do not use any cleaning products.


Please note that some NEXX helmets do not have the possibility to remove the inner linings. You can see this information in the Technical Sheets for each helmet;

Regarding the linings that can be completely removed:

The top lining and side pads can be hand washed using a mild soap solution at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Allow the lining to dry at room temperature and with good ventilation.


Some front vents, depending on the helmet model, can be removed for cleaning;

You should check the Product Manual, if this is the case for your helmet;

All vents and exterior parts should be carefully cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water. If there is a lot of dirt, you can also use a neutral soap;

You can remove excess water with a dry cloth and let it air dry.