NEXX Helmets
Compete 2020


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There's a sound and fury
of our motorcycle.

The downshifts.
The acceleration.

We want to feel and hear the whole thing.

Everything goes
in slow motion

We almost feel like
we are flying or floating.

We are living in the moment.

Letting go the obsessions that
want to take over our mind.

Anxiety, paranoia, the past.

There is no room for them.

It is the escape.

We know adventure is just around the corner.

And an invitation
to explore life lies
in every road.

We inhale
the mountains

The ocean

The smell
of gasoline

Mud, Rain, Dirt,
Sand and Heat.

We love and respect all them.

Aprreciating the small things.

For those there
are grands rewards.

And the people you ride with

either they are
old mates...

A brotherhood
of strangers...

Or the ones you
haven't met yet.

Are one big family. Sharing each exhalation.

We come back
home changed.

In the end what matters the most

it is not whether
you are the fastest

Or the bravest

Or the youngest

The most important
thing is just that
everyone arrives
home safe.

We do not just
engineer helmets,
we tech emotions.

Helmets for life is our motto, behond the protection, past excellence,
that any motorcyclist regardless of age or style
lives the moment they wear NEXX.